Why Is Jet Ice Super White 3000 The Best Ice Paint?

When it comes to the best ice paint out there, our clients are the first to say “Jet Ice White 3000.” 

With a smooth paint application and coverage that is second to none, Jet Ice Super White 3000 ice paint is suitable as a base for all sports, including hockey and curling. 

To discover our bright, white secret, as well as the many benefits of our world-renowned hockey ice paint, keep reading.

Proven Experience In Ice Arenas Around The World

Jet Ice has a long history of providing arenas with outstanding and innovative hockey ice paint. In fact, founded in 1979, Jet Ice has remained the longest surviving paint manufacturer and partner in the world.

Some of our esteemed ice partners include:

  • Preferred Rink Equipment Supplier for the NHL
  • Official Supplier to Hockey Canada
  • Official Business Partner to Curling Canada
  • Official Supplier to the World Curling Federation
  • Official Supplier to USA Curling

Consistent Innovation Ensures The Best Ice Paint

Our late Founder, Doug Moore was the Chief Engineer at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto for 30 years.

It’s thanks to his hands-on approach and understanding of the specific day-to-day needs of facility operators that we’ve managed to continue to bring your ice to life over 35 years later.

To ensure we’re always providing the best of the best in ice painting, we’ve produced Jet Ice White 1000, 2000, and of course, Super White 3000, over the years. 

In other words, we always ‘believe in better’ for our clients, and we work hard to continue Doug’s legacy of bringing ice to life with great ice products and service. 

A Little White Ice Paint Goes A Long Way

At Jet Ice, we put less product on the ice than our competitors, because just a little bit of our white ice paint goes a long way. This means less heat transfer on your ice and more and better coverage with less paint. 

Ice Paint Test Runs Go The Extra Mile

Putting the success of your ice projects first, we perform test runs on ice paints to hit ideal price points and to get the maximum amount of hiding in white ice paint. 

We are also dedicated to finding ways to help improve all aspects of your unique needs, including visiting your site to provide recommendations on which products, services, and training you may need. 

White Ice Paint Formula Perfected

We’ve worked directly with ice makers to continuously improve the formulation for Super White 3000 to create our most brilliant and intense white ice paint

Our Jet Ice white paint is the best in the business because we have developed a formula that consistently gives the max amount of hiding. For example, you may need 10 boxes of the other guys’ paint and only six of ours to get the same amount of coverage!

Our not so secret, secret, is in titanium dioxide. 

Titanium dioxide is the naturally occurring oxide of titanium, chemical formula TiO. When used as a pigment, it is called titanium white, which is how we achieve that perfect white base. 

Contact Jet Ice Today

The best compliment we hear is “this must be Jet Ice” when it comes to a great, white paint job. 

So, if you’re looking for that “wow” factor in your arena, we recommend ordering 6 to 8 boxes of our Super White 3000 ice paint to cover a standard 85′ x 200′ rink. 

At Jet Ice, we also provide red line, blue line, goal crease, and custom paints.

To find out how much you need for your unique ice, contact us today!

We look forward to working with you!